Secret: Nigeria Soldiers To Dress Like IPOB members and Unleash Terror in Anambra come 18th November, Everyone Should Take Note Of this and Stay Indoor


If anybody wear IPOB T-shirt on election day of November 18, 2017 and killing people, let the world know that it is Nigeria murderous Army doing that in disguise. IPOB has no militants assigned to kill anybody on or before the eltection day. IPOB leadership and the people only stand that they will boycott election and not killing people. All these things are the reason why Biafra people must stay indoors to avoid being killed by Nigerian soldiers who will put on fake IPOB T-shirt to deceive the public.

Remember that if you are in your closed compound, nobody will come there to kill you. But stepping outside of the compound to by even toilet tissue is as dangerous as going to polling station to vote. Don’t go out of your compound on that day because they are ready to massacre our people.

However, the world should be alerted of evil which Nigeria government and its murderous Army officers are planning against the peaceful people of Biafra.

Mazi Onyebuchi Eze speaking…

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