Igbos Are The Most Marginalised People living In Nigeria – Fayose Reveals

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has stated that the South-east is the most marginalised region in the country.
He stated this in a chat with journalists in Lagos.
“Agitations for restructuring are good for the system. We are in a marriage and the marriage is having issues. We still have to sit down to talk about that marriage going forward”, Fayose said.
“The Igbo are the most marginalised region in the country and they are saying re-order things but people are playing politics with the issue. If anybody say I am wrong about the treatment being meted out to the Igbo, let him come out and challenge me.
“Things are not moving well in this country. There is too much ethnicity and nepotism. Look at a situation where a junior minister comes from one part of the country and a senior minister comes from another part and the junior minister said he could not take instructions from the senior minister. What kind of country are we running?” He queried.
On his presidential ambition vis-a-vis the quest for PDP national chairmanship by the South-west, he replied: “Have you not seen in this country where a zone has two key offices. We know where the Speaker is from.
“There was something before then even. During Tambuwal speakership, the post was zoned to the south west but because we lost it, a zone got the two top appointments in the land.
“Forget about that (zoning arrangement). It is the Presidency that orders things. When I become President in 2019, I will reorder those things.
Nothing can stop me from contesting. Even if they pick the party’s chairman from my family; even if they pick my son as party chairman, I will contest.”

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