Biafra: Concern Group Listed Out Ingredients used In Preparing Ofe Nsala Soup on 18th Nov. (See Photos)

Team Ofe Nsala Day is here today to present to you our esteemed followers based on your request the ingredients for the preparation of our native “OFE NSALA” white soup.
We will be bringing to you the procedure for the preparation in a week’s time.
Here are the pictures of the ingredients needed for the preparation of Ofe Nsala.
1)  Yam
2)  Water
3)  Pepper ( grinded dried pepper or fresh pepper)
4)  Uziza seed
5)  Orima seed
6) Bulbs ( optional)
7)  Utazi leaves
8)  Crayfish
9)   Maggi
10)  Salt
11)   Uda seed ( optional)
12) Ehuru
Meat… Any choice of meat will do… Beaf, chicken, Turkey, Organ meat e.t.c
Fish…. Any choice of fish will do….
See pictures below for clarifications….
Hook up with Ebere Okolie , Family Writers Press Event Planner, Friday next week for the procedure on how to prepare “Ofe Nsala”.

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