It is unfortunate that political predators of Biafra Land is yet to know that Nigeria government is no longer seeing South East as part of Nigeria. Nigerian government is only struggling over the South South with IPOB as last minute effort. That is why when I see Igbo people wailing over lopsided of Nigeria government appointments against Biafra people such the listed Judges to be promoted to the Nigerian Court of Appeal made public today, I will begin to see “Ndigbo anya di na ogu dikwa na mgba”. Nigerian government is telling you people that you can’t be demanding for Biafra and still be desiring for appointments in Nigeria. It is only the political slaves that are still begging the Fulanis for inclusion in Nigeria  even as it is obvious to them that they are already rejected. Think about my position!


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  1. Nwote

    March 13, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    The comments made to the govt of Nigeria may be to a wrong channel. Until Nigeria clear up some issues about the leadership of Nigeria, we may at the end find out that we cannot hold anybody accountable for all the ills of the society and government. Nigerians should educate themselves on the idea of doing research on issues and not just be dismissing matters with a wave of hand even when the thing being alleged is a very important matter of national interest. There are things that are covered today that if people know it most of the problems in this country will be solved without much ado.

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