Atiku: It Is Not In Interest Of The Igbos For Another New Hausa-Fulani Man To Become President In 2019 – NBA VP, Ubani

Monday Ubani, 2nd Vice- President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) on Tuesday said it will not be in the interest of the Igbos or Southern part of Nigeria to allow another Northerner take over from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Speaking on the possibility of Atiku Abubakar emerging as president in 2019, Ubani said an Atiku presidency in 2019 will mean power will remain in the North for another eight years and this will not be in the interest of the South.

He said “Giving Atiku a chance to become president in 2019 will cause so many political upheavals. This is President Buhari‘s first term. If he finishes his first term and then goes for a second term, then power can come back to the South”.

“Giving a new Northerner the opportunity to rule in 2019 means that the Northern region will be there for another eight years before it now comes to the South, and then before it comes to the South Eastern part of the country. It is not in the interest of the Igbos or the South for another new Hausa-Fulani man to become president in 2019”.
“It is better that we allow the person that is there now (President Buhari) who is not doing badly at all to complete his eight years and then allow the power to rotate to the South.we
“It is not just a question of allowing Atiku to run to see what he can do, there are other considerations. Those factors must be taken into considerations and we cannot consider it in isolation”.
“The first is, if we allow him, it will take a longer time for power to come back to the South. So, I think it is in our interest to allow President Buhari complete his eight years if he is ready to contest and healthy enough to contest.”.

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