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What Nigerian Pastors, Celebrities, Politicians Can’t Do, Eto Did It (Photos)



Written by Wisdom Nwedene

Over the last few weeks, there have been images, stories circulating online that some Africans are being auctioned online raging from $4000 in Libya, some have been killed while some have been brutally raped, sold twice and tortured but it very devastating, shocking and touching that in spite these stories circulating online, no Nigerian Pastors, Bishops, deacons, celebrities, etc have raised to speak against such nefarious act happening in Libya.

Can we conclude that our pastors are only good at collecting tithes?

Is that why they are busy attacking Daddyfreeze over tithe issues instead of focusing on the words of God which they are meant to preach?

Why can’t our Nigerian Pastors channel their strength which they are using to attack Daddyfreeze to speak against the incessant killing of Nigerians in Libya?

Why can’t they curse those people behind these nefarious act instead of cursing Daddyfreeze if they are not after tithe?

Why can’t they use the money which they are collecting from the poor masses to pay for flights tickets of Nigerians in Libya to come back home just like Eto did to the cameroneans in Libya?

According to Vanguard newspaper, ” Eto paid the plane fare for the Cameronean migrants from Libya to Cameron” But our Nigerian Pastors are here fighting for tithe with Daddyfreeze?

What about our Nigerian Politicians? Their own is very crystal clear that they are fighting for their pockets and not the interest of Nigerians but it very bad of them.

Nigerian celebrities are good at reacting to what do not concern them which are happening outside the country, let them learn from Chris Brown. I rest my case.

(Wisdom Nwedene is a writer and newspaper editor and publisher. Contact :

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