BIAFRA: We Have No Leaders In The East, Our Leaders Have All Joined Enemies To Oppress Their Own People–Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai

Rev Uma Upkai the most revered man of God in Nigeria and Africa at large who is known for miracles at any of his spoken words has on the 4th of December confirmed the laments of the people of the Eastern Nigeria for decades that they have no leaders.
He said this during a meeting venue at the Liberation Stadium Port Harcourt tagged “MEGA WORSHIP” organized by the Northern Rivers District of the Assemblies of God Church (AGC) Nigeria in which he was the guest speaker. The meeting which was also graced with the presence of the executive governor of Rivers State Chief Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike and wife started on Friday 2nd December and ran through 4th.
Rev Uma Ukpai after his Holy Ghost filled message cum blessing to the whooping crowd urged the people of the defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria to see themselves as one and put aside their differences.He also urged them to pay deft ears to those working hard to make sure the defunct Eastern Nigeria is divided amongst herself. “Those things dividing us in real sense does not exist” he pleaded in his words. He said, when a people don’t have a leader, they become a mob, he said that the defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria is now like a mob because all her leaders has taken side in the enemy’s camp to join in oppression of their own people.
The manner and seriousness at which he kept calling for the unification of the defunct Eastern Nigeria signifies that of a truth something of real value is missing within her as they have allowed the enemy access to come in and plant hatred amongst them. Making the point that while two brothers fights, a stranger inherits their fathers wealth. Finally he urged the executive governor of Rivers State Chief Barrister Ezenwo Nyeso Wike to be an outstanding leader of the Eastern people in other words making the point that there is not such word as South South but all eastern Nigeria.
With his words the crowd seemed very pleasing as there were shouts of agreement across the stadium showing their endorsement to the soothing words of the clergy man. Rev Uma Ukpai who prophesied to the governor one on one in one of his ministration ground before the 2015 governorship election that he is the next governor of Rivers State because heaven has already voted for him also thanked the governor for the numerous good works he has been able to achieve within a short period in office and urge him to continue because God is with him.He also reiterated that the governor should never forget to stand and represent the people of the east well.
At this juncture the executive governor of Rivers State Chief Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was called to address the people of God present at the stadium. As he matched to the stage alongside his ADs the people screamed on top of their voices as he waved at them.The governor expressed gratitude to the man of God who he addressed as Our Father for being a friend of the state.He further confirmed that the clergy man had in 2015 before the governorship election told him to his face that he is the next governor of Rivers State. 
I owe no body apology to say this that Rivers State is 100% Christian state and as such will give 100% support to any Christian activities in the state, the governor affirmed. For this reason he said on no account would the church be charged for using any government facilities. He said he doesn’t care if the EFCC was present or not that he is making it open that his government will support the church of God with funds because God has restored peace to the state.
On this note he pledged to take care of all expenses incurred in the program that particular day. Following the appeal earlier made by Rev Joseph Kalu the district Superintendent of the Northern Rivers District Assemblies Of God Church (AGC) in his opening speech to the governor to support her in her project to build a state secretariat, the governor pledged to give maximum support in this regard. This is the only way to repay a Mighty God who has restored peace to our state he affirmed. 
He also said he has a similar agenda to build a place where Christians in the state can be meeting irrespective of their denomination as this would help them understand they serve one God. This was applauded by crowd as some echoed “Wike is working”. Lastly he also express his worries on how the state which is a major player in providing the country’s wealth has been without federal representatives for almost two years.
So he urged the people to come out in mass and cast their votes on the 10th of December 2016 which is the day for the senatorial election. The program was brought to a close with a prophetic prayer both for the state, the governor and his administration by the spiritual father of the day Rev Uma Ukpai.He also reiterated in his prayer that God should give the governor what it takes to represent the East well.
Finally the Nigeria national anthem was taken to mark the end of the event but people were seen walking out of the stadium as some were heard saying the right anthem to be sang here is the Biafra anthem.
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