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IPOB: Those claimed Biafrans loved by Enemies of Biafra nation are fake, distant yourself from them because, they are agents of light – Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu Uko



It is clear for all to see that the only reason why attempts have been made to kill Nnamdi Kanu is because he refused to be bought over. So the whole of eastern region love him, unlike others who pretend they are like Kanu but they are loved by the oppressor, because they are con-men. If they were genuinely committed to the freedom of their people, like Kanu, the oppressor will not love them, dine with them, eat with them. They would have tried to kill them as they tried to kill Kanu. So everybody knows that Nnamdi Kanu is the eternal hero of the people of the eastern region.—Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu Uko

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