***What Nnamdi Kanu preached on Radio Biafra in April 2012, former US Ambassador has confirmed in public in December 2016***

EX-US Ambassador to Nigeria Campbell said in Washington DC USA:
“I would argue that Nigeria and South Africa are the two African countries of the greatest strategic importance to the United States. Nigeria because of its sheer size, but also because it is, I think, a noble experiment”.

Yes Ambassador Campbell said it. Nigeria is a British EXPERIMENT. Yes o, experiment! Yet idiots jump up and say I am a proud Nigerian. Now you see how foolish you look referring to yourself as a Nigerian.

Now you will understand why Britain doesn’t want Nnamdi Kanu released and Biafra to come. They see Biafra as a challenge to their experimentation with black monkeys that we are in Africa today. Can you also see now why Buhari and British Prime Minister Theressa May want Kanu tried in secret. The white man being so intelligent knows that Nnamdi Kanu understand their game in Africa and his determination to save his people from the mental holocaust inflicted on Africa by some  European colonial interests.

This confirmation by Ambassador Campbell makes Kanu the greatest African alive today.

I have said it severally and will continue to say it that we Black Africans are beyond useless. We cannot think properly like other races as a result of which we are lower than chimpanzees in the forest. This is not an insult but a wake up call.

For every shameless animal that calls himself or herself a Nigerian, know ye that you are the product of a white man’s experiment and therefore a laboratory animal.

Shame on all of you!

(Biafrans print the news article below before they delete the link or edit the write up)

Keep sharing this news until Queen Elizabeth II gets it. Anybody in support of One Nigeria is not a human being but an animal.


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