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Gbam!!! IPOB asks Nigerian Army to produce Nnamdi Kanu



 The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has urged the Nigerian Army authorities to produce its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, wondering why Army invaded Kanu’s home on September 14, 2017, and still denying his whereabouts.

IPOB alleged that every right-thinking person knows that the Army went to kill Kanu in September 2017 because, there can never be any other plausible explanation as to why the army would truncate an ongoing judicial process by doing the work of the police.

A statement by the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, said that those that find it difficult to believe that the leadership of IPOB does not know where its leader is, were the same people that feigned ignorance of the fact that the Army invaded his residence.

The statement read, “This same class of people are those that will always keep quiet in the face of evil, thereby emboldening this barbaric regime to be more brutal, dictatorial and parochial. The question all right thinking people should ask the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) is this; is it the duty of the army to be running round in armored tanks looking for the enemies of Buhari to arrest? “.

“Nigerian Army, for those who might still be feigning ignorance of the fact, does not have the constitutional right to arrest anybody. Whenever soldiers arrest and molest people, as they normally do in Nigeria, they are breaking the law. That is what the 1999 Constitution says. But in Nigeria, law enforcement agencies and even the law courts don’t know what the constitution says”.

“They are ignorant of their own laws including their judges in their courts. Those that invaded our leader’s residence went there to kill him and his family and parents, or else they would have waited for him to appear in court on the 17th of October 2017. Buratai and his army are in the best position to answer any question regarding the whereabouts of our leader, especially at this time everybody, including non Biafrans, are missing his inspirational leadership”.

“But the truth remains that IPOB is more formidable now than ever. Despite the draconian and brutal crackdown on us, we have continued to hold rallies and protests. New IPOB family units are springing up all over the world. We successfully rallied in Onitsha before the successful boycott of Anambra Governorship election”.

“We also rallied in Aba on 20 January 2O18 in remembrance of those killed last year during President Trump’s inauguration rally in Igweocha. Indiscriminate arrest, illegal detention and harassment of IPOB members have continued unabated. We stopped the treacherous Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership led my Nnia Nwodo in Lagos and also at Enugu during the ‘Handshake across the Niger’ event”.

“Because of IPOB activities, Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership have been exposed to the world for the Hausa Fulani agents and slaves they are. Nobody born of a woman can weaken IPOB,” Powerful stated.

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