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   “A course for our incessant struggles”

Many people have been overtaken by the stampede of life due to the unequal distribution of earthly goods. As a result, there has been an outcry; there has been dire emergency, with an unprecedented dimension of human sufferings. To now deny these people the right to express their views, is to assume one’s infallibility; but no man is infallible.

It was Lieutenant colonel Philip Effiong; the 2nd in command of the Biafra’s interim government
that cried out while giving up the Separatist quest in January 1970… What did he say? “TREAT THE SURRENDERING BIAFRANS WELL,  OR RISK THEIR CHILDREN RISING AGAIN”

Even before then, Wole Soyinka had earlier  asserted that:

“BIAFRA CANNOT BE DEFEATED. NO POWER OF BULLETS CAN DEFEAT BIAFRA. Once an idea has taken hold, you cannot destroy that idea, you may destroy the people, the carriers of that idea on the Battlefield…but ultimately, it is not the end of the story”

To this end,  it brings me to the postulation of Radcliffe Brown which goes thus:

“In the scale of millennia, human passions blend with one another, time neither adds nor takes anything away from the loves and hates experienced by men: From their struggles, commitments and hopes; whether of old or today…These are always the same. The only irreplaceable lost will be that of the works of Art which these centuries have seen emerge. For men differ, and even exist, only through their works”

The above also goes a long way to affirm the claim by Marx in 1848 which opined that:

“THE HISTORY OF ALL HITHERTO EXISTING SOCIETY IS THE HISTORY OF CLASS STRUGGLE” Struggle between “the Haves” and “the Have nots”. Struggle, over the material conditions of life. Struggle, over who gets what, when, how, and even where in any given society.
This struggle has become an Iron law due to the unending evolution of men and societies as well as the organic interactions among the competing interests thus far.
These Struggles which arise from uncontrolled human desires and interests, had from time immemorial, made us prisoners of Ourselves.

Look at how Mitchell, Mosca and Pareto put it in their “IRON LAW OF OLIGARCHY” :

In every society, there is the inevitable tendency of few to rise above others; controlling the affairs of others politically, economically, psychologically and what have you. Hence those few are known to be the Influential Minors.
 Therefore, in every society; two classes exist:
That is the Iron Law of Oligarchy and the Oligarchic tendency of man from time antiquity.

Call it DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE ( that is, Equality for the Equals and Inequality for the Unequals)
However, the major problem is not really the few taking control of the affairs of others; the major problem lies in their mode of such control!

Take a look on how things are playing out in the country… Can you still show PATRIOTISM to this type of country? A country which the well-being of its countrymen is never a priority.
Can you really blame those that say that;
“NIGERIA is not worth dying for”? It shows that there was never a social contract by the ethnic people to coexist in the same country Nigeria.

When NATIONHOOD is attained through SOCIAL CONTRACT, there is no doubt that such a Nation will magnificently soar.  Take a look at America, the Populace agreed to fight for their Independence from the British government, They agreed to lay down their lives for the survival of their generations! Where is America today?  If they(Americans) had remained with the British, thinking that it would get better some day,  they(Americans) wouldn’t have realized their true potentials as we can see today. Same is with some other nations of the world.
In our case however, we have entirely different peoples in Nigeria. Diverse groups with different ancestry, belief system and world view.
Even our political independence from the colonist was never FOUGHT for,  it was merely GIVEN to us by the British: thereby making Neo-colonialism to thrive.

It is on this note that i declare that A WHITE MAN/ALIEN CANNOT CREATE A NATION FOR ME! A Nation is created from the Will and Social Contract of the people.
As this struggle for Biafran State endures:
Its Citizens have nobly shown TRUE PATRIOTISM!
SACRIFICES have been made, even that of the ultimate!

IMAGINE THE LEVEL OF PATRIOTISM OF BIAFRANS WHO ARE NOT PAID IN DOING WHAT THEY DID/DO FOR THE RESTORATION PROJECT— Imagine the Intellectual and Physical battles; Many have lost their lives in the process. Other have been brutally injured, and many others have been castrated into the dungeons of Police and Prison net. I SEE A GREAT NATION IN BIAFRA.
This kind of PATRIOTISM has never been found in Nigeria? Is it the Nigeria whereby people join forces like the military and the paramilitary, not to serve their country; but to feed, due to the unemployment crises?

IN ALL THESE HOWEVER; The Man in me begins to die when it keeps quiet in the Face Tyranny.
 WE did not hesitate to call our Movement an ARMY. But it was a SPECIAL ARMY, with no Supplies but its SINCERITY, no Uniform but its DETERMINATION, no Arsenal except its FAITH, no Currency but its CONSCIENCE…
We Must Continue!

As it is said ” True Freedom is not given by the oppressor; It must be demanded and taken by the oppressed! A Freedom duly fought for will always endure. Therefore, there’s no going back in this quest for Biafrans Freedom!

To our Heroes and Heroines who have fought and are still fighting gallantly for this BIAFRA Course… Do not be perturbed! We are not going to falter or fail in this struggle! No matter the weight of the enemies’ threats and challenges. WE MUST WIN THIS WAR! NOT ONLY FOR THE PRESENT,  BUT FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. LET POSTERITY BE PROUD OF OUR LEGACIES. LET’S SET THE PACE!

To our Fallen Soldiers: YOUR SACRIFICES SHALL NEVER BE IN VAIN!   BIAFRA shall be restored and
You will always be remembered!
As the Platonist assertion says;

#May Our Soldiers Remain Eternal!
#May Their Names Be Written in Gold!
#May their Legacies be Alive, even in the Sands of Time!
#May their reputable Fame last forever!
#May they live in the Hearts and Minds of Men and Societies!

Man must continue to expand or cease to exist…In the end, we will remember, not really the pains inflicted to us by the enemy, but the indifference and silence of our friends! POSTERITY AWAITS US!

………..I, #Ugwu – #Kenechukwu #Cyriacus (DeSTATE) dedicates this work to you……


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