We have come to understand the real cause of the numerous killings perpetrated by the oppressor against the formidable people of Biafra.  The history of genocide cum pogrom against Biafrans is hinged on the intention to instil fear in us.  But we shall not be afraid of these monsters. We must remain resolute and unyielding in our quest to break free from this demonic captor called Nigeria. 
Fearlessness is an instrument that will render their intimidation attempt futile. We must remain undaunted and confident. This is a revolution,  not politics where things happen in a flash.  Patience is a veritable tool for success in this quest of ours.  With patience, confidence, and courage we shall get there.  The entire vicious responses shown to our civil  course are geared towards making us back down. But we must continue with zest and vigour.  Memories of our fallen brethren should be the oil that will ameliorate friction in this struggle.  Forward march to Biafra restoration,  brothers and sisters.  
The guns,  bullets,  heavy artillery have been moved away from the terrorised zones in the North to our peaceful region. The goal is to make us tremulous with fear and exude cowardice.  But we are not cowards.  We are the children of light,  God’s beloved ones.  The Egyptians worked hard to decimate the towering population of the Israelites and failed.  Nigeria has killed Biafrans in millions,  yet we still outnumber the 6000,000 Fulani and their allies.  Just as darkness flees whenever light comes we have remained unflinching.  Biafra is the inescapable end of Nigeria. 
However,  we must ensure that we outwit these beasts in tactics.  We must be strategically superior. We must deny these vampires the happenstance to sacrifice our blood to their demons.  The RALLIES and PROTESTS must henceforth be staged in civil climes.  Locally,  we must continue to think and plan whilst safeguarding the lives and properties of our people. Protests and rallies should resume as soon as we are ready to bring down at least 20 beasts for every Biafran that is lost.  Yes,  protests and rallies should resume here only when we have the needed battalion to defend the protesters. 
Brothers and sisters, we must stop these beasts from killing us. Now that we are not ready to return fire for fire,  I submit that we begin to operate in ways that will circumvent their viciousness and wanton killing. As for their terrorists, Fulani herdsmen, we must prepare our youths, spiritually and physically, for defense. We must protect our lands and properties against these wild beasts. We must shield our tradition,  religion, values, and civil social life from their invasion and consequent conquest.  We are Biafrans.  We are fearless. We are strategic. Together we shall conquer our uncouth and barbaric foes.  All hail Biafra! 
Russell Idatoru Sunju Russell Bluejack
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