Nigeria Can Never Be One

We keep saying one Nigeria, I do not share that sentiment. A lot of injustice is happening in the country called Nigeria. Nigeria is a British project that has since failed to work. We are only pretending that Nigeria is a nation, it has never been a nation. All we been doing is praying for her to become a nation, nothing more, nothing less. The honest truth is that, Nigeria can never ever be one. That’s just the truth, take it or leave it. Often times, we make the mistakes of comparing Nigeria with other countries forgetting that we do not share the same culture. Nigeria was an experiment by the British government. An experiment that has since failed to work. You don’t force people of different backgrounds, ways of life and environment to live together.
We been forced to live together, for the sake of what? Peace and unity? Really? We tried that for so many years now and where are we now? Things just keep getting out of hand. Tribalism and discrimination has always been a major issue in Nigeria. An issue that has failed to be address for so many years now. What about the corruption and the looting going on in the country? It’s now a common tread among the Nigeria politicians and leaders. They steal money like someone pouring water in a basket. They are never satisfied, they so greedy and selfish that everything they touch turns into ashes. A country where corruption, desist, injustice, discrimination, murder and isolation has been her foundation.
No doubt, many Nigerians are not happy with Nigeria. Many Nigerians are disgruntled about the way Nigeria has carried on since independence as a result of which it has not yet delivered much goodness to the masses. In fact, most Nigerians have valid cases of victimization, dehumanization and marginalization against the Nigerian state. People are been killed and tortured, just because they choose to be different.
The biafran people for example, say they want freedom, then give them their freedom. You don’t want to carry them along and yet you don’t want them to go, does that make sense? In fact who wouldn’t want freedom in such a country where everything is upside down? A country without credibility. There are no infrastructures, no Standard Education, the hospitals are not well equipped and the economy is collapsing.
The Nigeria government believes so much in the British and America government, that they run to them for help and instructions on how to lead the country.You can see how bad it is that after 55 years, Nigeria has not grown enough to decide how they want to govern themselves.
Northern has tired illegal amalgamation that is why you see Bokoharam meaning – western education is illegal. They want Independent Islamic state. Igbos are tired of the amalgamation that is why they want Biafra. Yoruba’s want their independent state, Oduduwa Republic. All our leaders see Nigeria as illegal but the benefit they are enjoying won’t let them say anything.
Truth be told, the Igbos have suffered immeasurably in the Nigeria federation over the last 50 years, only the callous would deny this fact. Only the uninformed would deny the fact that they have been butchered, murdered, persecuted, broken, humiliated, insulted, cheated and treated with contempt and disdain more than any other ethnic group in the country since 1966.
To prevent a second civil war that is on the blink of happening again, I suggest everyone go their separate ways. War is not the solution but Nigeria is not the solution either. Some are saying splitting up is not the solution, then what is the solution? Because every other solution that has been put in place, haven’t worked.  We can’t keep pretending that things are normal, when they are not. Nigeria is not a nation yet. Under international laws which Nigeria is signatory to, the right to see for a nationhood is guaranteed.
Thus, if people decide that they don’t want to be a part of your project, there is nothing you can do about it. There are also countries that broke and the seceding countries are living on their own. So why shouldn’t that apply to Nigeria. I believe that it is the inalienable right of any human being or ethnic nationality to aspire to be free and to be able to determine their own destiny. Take it or leave it, Nigeria can never be one. The prospect of coming together as one, is mere politic. It has always been like that since Nigeria was formed. It’s just a project that hasn’t work and can’t work. Am not been negative, it’s just the reality
This country called Nigeria is sick, and the day it will escalate, everyone will start running pell-mell. In my opinion, its better everyone go peacefully, to prevent a second civil war in the foreseeable future. Let nobody hold anyone to ransom. I can tell you that if Nigeria goes into another civil war now, the country will not survive it.
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