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By Her Excellency Oluchi Christy

Published on Eco City Tv

1)   The hate speech bill itself allegedly passed by the Senate is hate speech against Nigerians because legally, it’s against their constitutional rights and Human Right, locally and internationally,, naturally and spiritually. It’s against the freedom of speech enshrined even in that fraudulent 1999 constitution and it’s  against democracy itself.

2)   Hate speech is when the anti Igbo song was being sang, played and circulated around in the north by Hausa Fulani telling their people to kill Nnamdi KANU and every Igbo person in Nigeria and nobody, not their leaders nor the federal government called them to order or  police arrested them. That is hate speech.

3)   Hate Speech is when Obiano did not wait to constitute an independent panel of inquiry to really ascertain who and what killed his people in the Church,  but quickly accepted the “wait and take” report by the Fulani commissioner of police and said it was drug war orchestrated by two (2) brothers in a drug deal gone bizarre without investigation. That is hate speech from Obiano.

4)   Hate Speech is when president Buhari stayed away from the country and governance more than the constitutional requirements and when they asked him to “resume or resign” the cabals said, he won’t resign. That is hate speech.

5)     Hate speech is when Buhari in 2011 called all of you monkeys and baboons and you did nothing, but when Mazi Nnamdi KANU called you zoo, you woke up and shouted crucify him, that he must die because he said the truth you are zoo only confirming Buhari’s assertion. Hypocrites everywhere in this British  empire.

6)    Hate speech is when that Alhaji and  Kunle in that their leaked telephone conversations said Bayelsa oil is Jigawa oil.

7)   Hate speech is when Arewa youth ordered the police, DSS to re-arrest Mazi Nnamdi KANU and kill him. And nobody cautioned them or police arrested them. Today Mazi Nnamdi KANU is missing.  That is hate speech.

8)    Hate speech is when Aisha Buhari said all of you are jackals and hyenas. But when IPOB reiterated what Aisha Buhari said and called you zoo, you said kill all of them. Ndi ara! Hypocrites!

9)   Hate speech is when the Buhari led government refused to proscribe killer Fulani herdsmen who have killed thousands of people, men, women and children; sacked villages and communities,  but hurriedly proscribed the most peaceful freedom fighting indigenous people in the history of the world known as the Great IPOB.

9)   Hate speech is when the North East development bill was accepted and passed in a hurry, but South East development bill was rejected and thrown out.

10)  Hate speech is when Osibanjo asked Nigerians to pray for killer Fulani herdsmen to continue killing Nigerians, because that’s what it means, but asked security agencies to crush the peaceful and Great IPOB.  What a hypocrite!

11)   Hate speech is when you asked me to pray for Nigeria in church or anywhere,  but you never asked the church and  others to pray for the Restoration of Biafra . It doesn’t balance. It doesn’t add up. God does not think like you. It’s hypocritical. It’s a hate speech and hate actions from Pastors and anyone who does that.

12)   Hate speech is when you support the massacring of Biafrans by the security agents and commiserate with victims of terrorists attacks in foreign countries.

13)   Hate speech is when graduates of Igbo origin cannot get an employment in any federal government agencies because he is Igbo, while Hausa Fulani who never attended any school gets employed any time, any day.

14)  Hate speech is when other regions has six states, but South East has five states.

15)   Hate speech is when that fraudulent 1999 constitution has in it Sharia, Qur’an,  Allah, but Christians, Christianity, and Jesus are not mentioned in it.  And unfortunately, Nigerian Christians and leaders are comfortable with it and ignorantly praying to sustain what is against them because of their personal pockets and fear. This kind of Christians in Nigeria baffles me. They have refused to seek knowledge. It is written “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

16)  Hate speech is when the constitution is written by one Muslim man and they forced it on all Nigerians to accept as “We the people” and yet the people do nothing, but only to grumble in their houses. Tufiakwa!

17)  Hate Speech is when Arewa youth gave Ndi Igbo in the north three (3) months quit notice to leave the north, or face the consequences, and police did not arrest them or federal government did anything about it till date. That is hate speech.

18)  Hate Speech is when confirmed Boko Haram terrorists are constantly being released from prison and IPOB members who are peaceful in their conducts are constantly being hunted down, arrested in their homes, places of business, meeting places. They are held and locked up in different secret cells across Nigeria. And nobody has condemned it, saying or doing anything about it. That is hate speech.

19)   Hate Speech is when confirmed Boko Haram and those that bombed UN building in Abuja and the ones that bombed police headquarters in Abuja were released from prison free of charge with compensation and without bail conditions attached to them and never to be re-arrested. But Mazi Nnamdi KANU who did not and have not killed anybody was charged 300 million naira bail and with unconstitutional bail conditions that denied him his constitutional Human Right . That is hate speech proper.

20)  Hate speech is when the former SGF spent 300million naira tax payers money to cut grass in IDP camp and was not arrested. Nothing was done to him, he’s a free man today. But Olisa Metuh is being dragged up and down and even denied medical treatment abroad because of PDP campaign funds they used in their PDP campaigns. Whereas APC campaign funds nobody is talking about it. That is hate speech.

21)  Hate Speech is, In all the heads of security outfits of this country, Nigeria, no Igbo man is there. South East are not represented. They can decide or agree to kill all Igbos any day, any time and Igbos will not know, because no Igbo man is there to say at least no or tell his people what’s about to happen. And Nigerians are comfortable with it. That is a big hate speech.

22)   Hate speech is when one Nigerians said restructure Nigeria, Hausa Fulani says No. Since you will not restructure, give Biafrans date for referendum, Hausa Fulani says again No, and then says,  for asking for referendum, it means they are calling for war, therefore they should all be killed. They sent army in the name of operation python dance and killed as many as they could kill. How can asking for referendum mean calling for war? Unbelievable! Nigeria’s education is highly overrated. That is hate speech

23)  Hate speech is also when a professor of law, Osibanjo who ought to know better and teach others, but for fear of cabals said those calling for referendum are calling for war. These are people who are peaceful, they are not violent, not with guns or matchet. That is hate speech.

24)  Hate speech is when IPOB said they will peacefully boycott Anambra election and  every election in Nigeria until you give them date for referendum to decide whether to remain in Nigeria or not, you said it is a call for war, and that if they boycott the election you will kill them. And since then, you have been killing them. That is hate speech.

25)  Hate speech is when iPOB says it’s Biafra they want and not restructure. Ohanaaeze says it’s restructure. And now,  that the owners of Nigeria have rejected restructure, ohanaeze have not said shhhmm and kpakam since then! That is hate speech.

26)   Hate speech is when northern oligarchy and their caliphate ordered ohanaeze to go and publicly deny Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB, they foolishly came back and denied their children Nnamdi KANU and IPOB. Few weeks after that public denial, their people were killed in a terrorist attack in Ozobulu and in operation python dance, yet the killings hasn’t stopped.  That is hate speech.

27)   Hate speech is when Elrufai called Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his government clueless and direction less and turned around said Buhari and his incompetent and failed government are focused and working. That is hate speech.

28)  Hate speech is when the organisers of “their mumu don do” protest thought that their mumu don do truly, but did not actually know their mumu never do;  because if their mumu don do true true  they would have read the handwriting on the wall and know that dividing, and deserting Nigeria for Hausa Fulani is the best and wisest thing anybody should do now and not clamouring for one Nigeria or impossible restructure because the owners of Nigeria will kill you if you ask for your right or restructure.. That is hate speech from Charlyboy and co. I hope they have learnt their lessons. The one Nigerianas have once again proven to the entire world that Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB are right. Like Mazi Nnamdi KANU always say, that any Igbo man who serve the zoo will always come back empty, disgraced and with shame. Ask Oby Ezekwesili, etc. She has experience.

29)   Hate speech is when Hause Fulani controlled Nigeria police escorted Almajiris protest calling for the arrest and murder of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU. Whilst, charlyboy was tear gassed till he fainted and nearly died for staging a peaceful protest even without calling for the arrest and killing of any Nigeria.

30)  Hate speech is when IG of police says he will not arrest Fulani herdsmen except states give them grazing fields /cattle colonies. Unbelievable!

31)  Hate speech is when IG of police ordered state governors to disarm vigilante groups, and ordered qualified citizens to surrender their guns and their licenses, while Fulani herdsmen are still parading communities and villages with their sophisticated AK47 and other dangerous weapons unchallenged.

I can go on and on to narrate them because there are so many hate speeches  and hate actions scattered all over the place against Biafrans in Nigeria.

Biko, I’m tired  What is hate speech? Add your own in the comment box, what you think hate speech is.  Let’s compile them.

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