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BREAKING News!!! Family Writers, Biafrans and the world celebrates A world Media Wizard, Emeka Gift under Biafra Biafra agitation As He announces his Birthday



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A Birthday is the most special day in someone’s life. It is on this premise that all of us in Family Writers Press International, employ this medium to celebrate the birthday of our leader, mentor, and the founder of this unique media outfit, Mazi Emeka Gift on this eventful day being the 13th of March, 2018.   Mazi Emeka Gift is one of the great heroes of our time given birth to in the month of March. It was a great day indeed when a man of an uncommon personality graced the earth. A man that is always ready to give his all in pursuit of freedom, dedicating every available resources at his disposal, so that the voiceless in the society could be given a voice.  A man of integrity, dignity, humility and sincerity.

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 Boss, you have maintained your dignity amidst turbulent waters.  Your unconditional love for all Biafrans is beyond comprehension.  Your belief in the oneness of all humans cannot be over emphasized. You accord respect to all, superiors and colleagues alike.  All thanks to the womb that carried you! May Almighty Chukwuokike Abiama reward her for giving the world a wonderful gift like you.   You are a Biafran par excellence! As you mark your birthday today, we pray that Chukwu Okike keeps on blessing you with wisdom and vigour as you maintain your steadfastness in your life’s endeavours. He will keep you alive to witness the restoration of God’s Kingdom – BIAFRA, on earth.

 Family Writers Press celebrates you!

Happy Birthday Special One!!

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