Written by: Ejiofor okonkwo

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Unlike other separatist groups, IPOB has more sabotuers in her struggle. And one might keep wondering how  IPOB has been surviving all these attacks from both outsiders and insiders without harsh/maltreatment to those confirmed and identified as sabotuers  among ipob. Recall that as of early 2017, some cases of some principle officers engaged in act of sabotage and instubornation arose  after which some were expelled from IPOB while some suspended  and other cases like that of anambra state IPOB

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(now onitsha province) which led to the creation of onitsha south ipob 1 & 2  and so many others. Yes just like you know that there is time for everything, time to play, time to laugh time to joke  time to concede  time to ……  Oh yes,we’ve conceded a lot  and I think ipob should at this time do something because we will not be breeding sabotuers among us and expect them change over night, biafra is  a spirit if it possess you, then you are good to go, but if not, no matter how hard you push yourself into it, you will in one way or the other end up being a sabotuer because she is’nt in you  
       So, please let go for the black goat when the is still on               long live ipob        

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         Long live biafrans  


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