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Court Update: IPOB Vs Nigeria at Federal High Court Abuja  Honorable Justice Binta Murtala Nyako presiding



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…. surprise surprise, Justice Binta Nyako has adjourned the case yet again to May 27, 2018. This is a criminal matter that they have been screaming they want accelerated trial for but here they are with their long adjournment again. Suddenly they have decided to use their trusted lengthy adjournment to further detain innocent Biafrans in their custody.

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The first and only witness (Mr. A&B) called today by the prosecution to testify against Mr Bright Chimezie Ishinwa on his role in the conspiracy to overthrow Buhari’s regime and create Biafra, started by talking about an AM analogue radio transmitter housed in a container somewhere at DSS headquarters in Abuja. What the prosecution was trying to prove is that Mr Bright Chimezie Ishinwa and by extension IPOB, knowingly imported the transmitter to be used in the overthrow of Buhari’s regime.

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Mind you the transmitter in question or the container is not a contraband as ruled by the same Justice Binta Nyako in her court in 2016. In other words, it is not a criminal offence to import a transmitter into Nigeria. This was Binta Nyako’s own ruling during the prima facie phase of this trial back in 2016. Fast forward to March 2018 the same Fulani Binta Nyako’s court have miraculously allowed the prosecution to smuggle in the same charge of unlawful important into the charge sheet. Please bear in mind and don’t forget that the Attorney General of the Federation is Fulani, Labaran the lead prosecutor is Fulani, the judge Binta Nyako Fulani, so also is Buhari (Jubril). Instead of transferring the matter to another court or deleting the charge of unlawful importation as she ruled earlier, the Fulani judge in her own peculiar legal system allowed it to be included hence the laughable witness they produced today.

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It is also important to note that this AM radio transmitter was bought from a Yoruba wharf agent who had earlier purchased the container housing the transmitter from Nigerian Customs Apapa Lagos. The transmitter was therefore purchased from a man that bought it legitimately from Nigerian Customs. But that will come later when the defence open their argument. How can you prosecute somebody for an item that was purchased from Nigerian Customs? More drama ahead!
The government witness for the prosecution today is a serving DSS officer. He was completely and comprehensively destroyed by this team of very smart Biafran defence attorneys. We don’t think that any other lying witnesses will appear for the prosecution having observed what happened to the first one today.

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Out of shame and humiliation Binta Nyako hurriedly ended proceedings and adjourned the matter to May ending. This was the same government boasting that they have witnesses ready to testify in secret. That secrecy was granted to them today yet they could not bring her another witness to the dock. It is clear to the world that Nigerian government were humiliated today in Binta Nyako’s court despite her bias and Sharia inclinations.
Throughout the testimony of the government witness, at no time did he say he saw all four defendants conspire to purchase a transmitter. He never inspected the container allegedly housing the transmitter. He doesn’t know what the transmitter looks like. He doesn’t know if the transmitter is working or not. In what way did the transmitter facilitate the overthrow of Buhari’s regime he could not answer. How can anybody overthrow a government using a legitimately purchased transmitter that is not a contraband? Only in Nigeria.

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Not wanting to suffer more humiliation, the lead prosecutor inadvertently confirmed to the court that they have no other witnesses ready today. They the government therefore asked for 2 months adjournment to enable them coach their witnesses better on what to say when next they come to court. The judge unsurprisingly obliged them. This was the same judge asking for accelerated hearing, she has suddenly developed cold feet and back to her usual long adjournments.
We welcome this court proceedings because this evening, the world is laughing at Nigeria and her judiciary.

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