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Must Read: Why we have not realized Biafra – Igbo group



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The Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has highlighted
reasons hindering the actulaisation of Biafra.

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BNYL asserted that lack of coordination, indiscipline and
what it termed “I don’t care attitude” among Igbos were
responsible for the inability to actualise Biafra.

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The group made the remark while condemning the
Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, for threatening the
leadership of Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze

IPOB had warned the leadership of Ohaneze against
holding the proposed summit on restructuring in Enugu.
The group had said it would ensure that such summit was
disrupted, whether the venue is flooded with security or

Reacting to the threat, BNYL’s leader, Obuka Princewill
warned that should IPOB carry out its threat, there would
be daring consequences of internal fights within the South

 Princewill said, “Gradually we have become laughing
stock by this our everyday exchange of words, and threats
here and there.”
In a statement he signed and sent to DAILY NEWS,
Princewill said, “Ohanaeze Ndigbo Summit is for the
Ohanaeze; it is their organizational affair, they can hold
their Summit, it is Ohanaeze affair, the question whether
the Summit is in favour of restructuring of Nigeria should
not be our business, they are on their own, it cannot stop
the Independence of Biafra”.

Princewill noted that the “lack of central coordination in
the movement, indiscipline and ‘I don’t care attitudes’, is
our problems.
“When are we as Biafra agitators going to hold our own
Summit to present our position to the world as to how and
what we have done so far in favor of Biafra?
“The world needs to know how we intend to run Biafra
government, they have not seen 70 percent togetherness
in us; where is the Constitution of Biafra.

“I don’t think Ohanaeze Ndigbo has that power to stop
Biafra since they don’t represent the interest of Biafra,
they may only try to scuttle efforts being made, which of
course is a failed mission, and they themselves will suffer

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