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Two Christians killed in Quetta firing



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QUETTA: Two Christians were killed in a
drive-by shooting in Quetta Sunday. It
was the second such attack on Christians
in Quetta this month.
Unidentified gunmen on motorbikes
opened fire at a group of Christians in
Quetta’s Esa Nagri neighbourhood,
injuring at least five people, police
The injured were taken to Bolan
Medical Complex where two of them
died. They were identified as Azhar
Iqbal and Rahid.
Two girls were also injured.
Meanwhile, dozens of Christian
community members, including heirs
of the victims, gathered to protest the

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They burnt tyres and suspended
traffic on Barori Road and Sabzal
Road for nearly three hours, chanting
slogans against the provincial
Protesters blocked the road by placing
bodies of the two victims in the
middle. They also protested lack of
medical facilities in the hospital.
Police said they were investigating the
The shooting comes just weeks after
four Christians were shot dead in the
city. The attack was claimed by a
banned militant group.
In December last year, two suicide
bombers blew themselves up at a
Quetta church, which was packed with

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worshippers, killing nine people and
wounding over a dozen.
It was the third terrorist attack on
Christians in last four months during
which at least 15 people have been

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