BREAKING NEWS: What Buhari can offer is not good enough for Nigerians.

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Popular Kaduna based Islamic cleric, Sheikh
Ahmed Abubakar Gumi, has said “the best” of
the administration of President Muhammadu
Buhari can offer is not good enough for
Sheik Gumi said this during an interactive
session with Mr. Omoyele Sowore, a presidential
aspirant in Kaduna.
The cleric noted that President Buhari
administration is doing his best, but the best he
can offer is not good enough for the country.
He said, “It is like a student I used to have. He

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studies do his Buhari can offer is not good enough for
Nigerians. . The problem is not that he
is not trying but that was his capacity. The
same thing is the problem of the present
administration. Truly, they are doing their best,
but their best is not good enough. What they
need to do is to give chance to someone with
the capacity to deliver.”
Mr. Sowore said the aim of consultations he and
his team are doing across the country is to
encourage the people to raise important
questions as to what should be done differently
by the presidential aspirant.
“People are asking questions about what we are
going to do differently. Somebody called this
morning and said the North’s problem is lack of
education but there is also the problem of drug
consumption among the youths, high mortality
rate, there is also the problem of electricity, our
roads are not good. And at the end of the day,
everybody came to the conclusion that for the
country to prosper, people with the capacity to
deliver have to be there,” Sowore told his host.
The presidential aspirant noted that the problem
of roads in the country can be tackled as Nigeria
is only twice the size of California, a state in the
United States of America.
Sheik Gumi further said there is the need for
synergy in Nigerian politics to ensure
development in the country.
He said, “when I traveled to Uyo during
Akapbio’s tenure, there was no pothole in the
capital city and when the governor was asked,
he said whenever he sees a pothole on the road,
the commissioner for works will have to come
and explain it. So, some states are doing it but it
is in partial. So, what we need is a synergy from
Sheikh Gumi said the Nigerian government has
been exploiting citizens since the colonial era,
but it should be with a view to better the
fortunes of the country: “If you look at the
colonial era, the railways were built towards the
coast. So, it was about transporting resources to
their own country. It has at least provided
transportation. Exploitation has been going on,
but since we are a nation blessed, and this
country, we are still here, let’s build a nation with
little emphasis on what divides the people.”

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