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"Tagging IPOB Terrorist Is Like Calling The Whole Igbo Race A Terrorist Region Because, We All Are IPOB" – Prof. Ben Nwabueze Reveals Biafra Will Win



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To IPOB from Prof. Ben Nwabueze:
“You will win the situation. You will win the cause of agitation. The agitation must continue, but you should not make the fatal mistake that will jeopardize our future. We will win. We will win,” he said.

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“I will continue fighting for Ndigbo. IPOB is fighting a just fight because they are treating Igbo people as if they don’t belong to this country, injustice and nepotism everywhere. If I said ‘no’ about injustice in 1965 at University of Lagos, you should say ‘no’ today. If they do not want us to have Biafra then let them stop all the injustice; let them stop all the inequity; let them stop all marginalization. At the moment, the agitation is led and spearheaded by you young people. The old people and my generation are not featuring very much, but we all share the same sentiment.”  ✊🏾 #Biafra #IPOB

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