Ma Annkio Bliggs sends strong message in regards to Biafra's heroes remembrance day

AS THE SUN SETS ON THE HEROES OF YESTERDAY and as the surviving honor them, join NDSDM to say Amen to the prayers of the souls of the over 3 million that lost their lives.
Let us also always say prayers of safety for MNK and all others whom we don’t know their whereabouts but we believe God of Justice, Equity and Liberty will keep them alive until we all meet at Freedom Square.
We disagree over certain issues or ways, we misunderstand ourselves, we are impatient with each other but above all of these failures we have one right in common which is that our problems are from one source.
Sooner or later the right time will be here and we will begin to understand what has to be understood that the enemy is not us or them but him.
Today is a success.
Your voice was heard. It was quiet, you stayed in and in your silence and reflection your silence was loudest.
You did well to remember them.
In my HERO ON FIRE solidarity t-shirt.
A gift of solidarity from my darling sister Ms Onyeka Owenu, a Port Harcourt child of the years before the war to eliminate and destroy.
Liberty, Equity, & Liberty is NEVER Given It Is Always Taken & Held Onto.
Someone should help me tell the ACF that they can breathe again the stay at home was successful and the demand goes on.

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