Grave future awaits other tribes in Nigeria – IPOB warns

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has, again, warned that, according to Kanu’s prophecies, most of which have allegedly come to pass, a grave future awaits other non-Hausa/Fulani tribes in Nigeria.
Speaking through a press release signed by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB quoted sev­eral projections made by the still-missing Nnamdi Kanu which it says have been partly fulfilled.
Powerful said that Kanu had prophesied that the incumbent president would come in to sack capable security heads and replace them with his kinsmen.
The prophecy, said to have been made on February 6, 2014, read thus; “As they campaign vigorously for elec­tions, you would think, they are coming to grow the econ­omy, enthrone justice, breed unity and tolerance, love for one another. No! They are com­ing to enthrone Hausa/Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and re­place them with their kinsmen in order to drive their ethnic domination of the south.”
Concerning the repeated onslaught of Fulani herds­men resulting in the death of many across the country, the same February prophecy read thus; “The Fulani herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impurity and their masters will protect them. They are coming to en­sure that my people are en­slaved forever. Those who do not believe me will soon see it happen before their eyes.”
The group then warned that, as it was in the days of Noah, if people keep disbeliev­ing Kanu and his words and fail to support the cause of Biafra, the end would be the total enslavement of Southern Nigeria by the Hausa/Fulani caliphate. He then stated that only IPOB and Kanu could save the situation while call­ing on Rome and Canterbury to awake to the Islamisation scheme ongoing in Nigeria.
Kanu’s prophesy, purported­ly made on October 12, 2014, to authenticate the above claim read thus: “The Fulani will take over the entire south as a continuation of their age-long agenda to Islamise East­ern Nigeria. They will brazen­ly seize our land in pretence of creating grazing fields for the Fulani. Then the conquest will be complete; we will become their slaves forever.”
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