I won't Remain Silent, Igbos Not Slaves, Only Thing They Benefited From Buhari Is Python Dance – Omokri

Reno Omokri has revealed the most significant thing Buhari has done for the Igbo.
According to him, it was the Operation Python Dance being carried out by the Nigerian army in the South East region.
Omokri, who worked in the immediate past administration as ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide, said Buhari only sees Igbo as slaves and insults them.
In a tweet on Wednesday night, Omokri noted that the campaign gimmick of Buhari’s Igbo driver and cook was built on lies.
The former presidential aide added, “This @MBBuhari Campaign gimmick of his Igbo driver and cook is built on lies and is an insult to Igbos if the only thing Buhari sees them fit for is to drive and cook.
“They are not a slave race. The most significant thing Buhari has done for the Igbos is Python Dance.”
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