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The uncontroversial unadulterated supreme leader of indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remain’s a personified uncorrputable leader ever witnessed by humanity,indeed this vibrant energetic young man has proven to humanity that he has won the heart of the masses,a factual fearless,foucus,dogged,resolute and focus leader,i appreciate his courage for speaking the truth and fighting for the collective interest of Biafrans and Africans in general,more wisdom,knowledge and strength to you my noble indefatigable,sagacious supreme leader.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of indigenous people of Biafra is truly an example of a leader with integrity,the man with the splendor of our most high God,truly protected from harm like every other world leader,the only incorruptible sagacious and indomitable leader who announce his presence in his enemy territory without fear and sirens,a discipline unadulterated truthful man,the man with the largest freedom mass movement in the world.

The man who’s loyalty to his subjects is behind human comprehension,the most sacrificial freedom fighter ever known to humanity,words are not enough to express the satisfaction of this great Iroko of our generation,the lion from the east.

A true dedicated fanatical Biafra man,the best liberator and saviour of our generation,the lover of truth,the lover of freedom,a man with a golden heart an vanriable leader,the prince of Afaraukwu kingdom,a man with vision and mission,the liberator who’s value for human life can never be undermine

The man who single-handedly crumble the zoological Republic of Nigeria and her murderous government with nothing but the unadulterated truth,the igbotic mouthpiece of the Easterners,the man who saw tomorrow,the great prophet who’s prophesy is happening glaringly,I doff my cap for you my supreme leader for indeed you are a beckon of hope to the oppressed.

History will always be kind to you and this generation of Biafra,indeed you are a redeemer to us,may your day’s be long iseee iseeee iseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Author:Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

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