Breaking: Calls to shutdown University of Maiduguri is gathering momentum as Boko Haram targets More students in the North

The Buhari administration came to power with lots of outrageous promises including a pledge to end Boko Haram once and for all once elected. While according to the Buhari government Boko has been ‘technically defeated’, Nigerians are still at a loss to what the APC government actually mean, as attacks to innocent Nigerians and Christians in particular, continue with no end in sight.

And just when we are made to believe that the Buhari administration is in control of the situation, the insurgents become even more lethal. That is not even taking into account the activities of bandits and kidnappers. To say the current government has failed woefully in providing one of its basic responsibilities which is to guarantee the safety of the masses, is an understatement.

Now, the educational system is a hot target for Boko Haram. There have been reports of University lecturers going missing and k-lled in the past, but it seems the tide has shifted, and students are now being targeted.

The abduction of two University of Maiduguri students, Dachiya Dalep, a 200-level Biology/Education student, and Lillian Daniel Gyang, a 100-level student of Zoology, both who are from Plateau State, has enraged many. While Dalep has since been executed as revealed in a recent video released by the insurgents, Lillian is still believed to be with the insurgents.

The shift to attacking students by the terrorist group and government’s inability to do justice instead, releases so called ‘repentant Boko Haram’ members back into the public, has raised questions on the legitimacy of the Buhari administration’s commitment to providing security for Nigerians especially students studying in the North.

Calls are now coming requesting that the Federal Government shutdown UniMaid and other tertiary institutions in the North where the safety of students is no longer guaranteed.

Some reactions to Boko Haram’s attack on students, can be found below;

Igboanusi Emeka Emmanuel said, “I just don’t know what kind of heart and mind that people have they see all universities in Nigeria is university in Maiduguri that they decided to go. Even the school need to be shutdown itself. They should please save people’s lives.

Ngozi Ejidike said, “The university need to shut down with immediate effects, …what is life without development.

Ajibola Olushola said, “I pity parents who still deem it necessary to educate their children in Maiduguri.

Muftau Olatunbosu Ajao said,” May be they should just close the school and probably relocate the students to other University because their safety is only guarantee on campus, they will have to travel at one point or the other, they can’t remain in Maiduguri for the whole four years or more for those studying courses more than four years duration even if they do, they will have to travel for NYSC and their safety is not guaranteed.

Solomon Bucham said, “Government should close down the university temporarily. The school can be reopened after the must have defeated the boko Haram. And also the students in the institution can be relocated to other sister university and the lecturers also can equally be relocated to other sister university for the time being. Life is more precious than anyother thing. I urge the government to look into this matter seriously.

Zacchaeus Samuel Tosin said, “I often wonder why people especially the non-indigenes of those troubled areas refused to leave. Though the constitution guarantees one’s liberty to reside in any part of the country, but life is sacred and once lost can never be regained. I remember fleeing Kaduna during the year 2000 riot. Even if you’re a student in UniMaid, relocate, it’s only the living that can go to school. leave their terror land for them, haba!

Adeolu Adeyinka said, “There is no reason why any one should allow their (child)ren to remain in the university, You have to be alive to use your certificate

Adeleke Edun said,” I am surprised that some parents still have the guts to send their kids to Unimaid, doing so is like sending them to the Den of Lions, there is a high probability that they will become prey in the hands of BH

Korede Emmanuel said,” Shut down the University of maiduuguri and stopped play politics with innocent life.

Ezzenmo Ezzenmo said,” It’s better not to go to school than go to university of Maiduguri
Prevention is better than cure.”

While the Buhari administration is obligated to do the needful, parents are strickly advised to prioritize the wellbeing of their children over studying in the North.

Written by Chuks

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