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I will tell Nigerians The Person That is in Aso Rock if I am removed as APC chairman – Adams Oshiomhole



Who is really in Aso Rock?. Why is it that top APC members always threaten to expose who is in Aso Rock. Or do they mean who is ruling Nigeria and trying to say that they have upper hands too.
On 2nd November 2018 Rochas okorocha declared his intentions of installing his son-in-law to replace him as Imo State governor. The decision was rejected by entire APC members. Rochas made a statement that “I will help Nnamdi kanu to expose who is in Aso Rock if APC federal government refuses to install my son-in-law as governor. And if I expose it Nigerians will burn down Aso Rock – Rochas okorocha”

On the 5th of January 2020 Adams Oshemele was about to be removed as the chairman of APC. He said “If I am removed as the APC national chairman, I will tell Nigerians who is in Aso Rock – Adams Oshemele.”

Why are these top politicians always threatening to expose something in Aso Rock and tell Nigerians who is in Aso Rock.?

Something is really fishy here…

Also recall that when president Mohammed Buhari came back from hospital in London, the door to his office which uses fingerprint of president Mohammed Buhari was removed and replaced with new one reason being that rats entered into the President’s office.


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  1. Mark

    April 14, 2020 at 6:54 am

    Na today you know. Just because you are demoted so you want to talk don’t worry we don’t want to hear from you we already know what is going on

  2. Dele 'Tuase

    April 21, 2020 at 3:35 am

    If that is what they said, they have already told us who is in Aso Rock.
    They problem is that Nigerians are naive to take action.Although I found it had that Rocha n Oshimole have said something like that.
    Repost the 2 articles They have said so here for clarity n conviction.

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