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“I am happy coronavirus is making people realize that there is a God” – Shatta Wale



The global epidemic has been an eye opener to the world and the people at large, it has drawn people back to God as the creator of the universe and everything within it, Shatta wale said in a tweet.

It’s been three months since the deadly virus hit the world, since then, everything has been brought to a halt. Dozens of scientist, doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners have tried everything possible to salvage the situation but all have proved futile.

With a heavy heart, full of sorrow, people of the world have returned to their maker, crying unto him to save the world from this dreadful disease. Today, Ghana acted on the directive of the president to engage in a national fasting and prayer. This order saw Ghanaians both at home and away, media houses and the office of the president go on their knees praying fervently for Ghana and the rest of the world for a divine healing.

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