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The Connection Between 5G And The Corona Virus Pandemic.



The connection between 5G and the Corona virus pandemic is not direct but both are inextricably joined.

Some persons who ‘run the world’ know, from history, that there was going to be an outbreak of corona flu in 2020. They knew more than five years ago that it will happen in 2020. It happened in 1720, 1820 and 1920 so they know that 2020 is sure. It will also happen in 2120. So these people constituted a Task Force named ID2020 to deploy the 5G during the pandemic in 2020. The vaccine had been made available. Someone already has a patent for it more than five years ago.

But they already had concluded plans to launch the 5G network which they intend to use to run the IoT (Internet of Things).

The IoT will track everyone through the microchips implanted in people and with the chips, they can track you and practically control you in everything through AI (Artificial intelligence).
Now people already have an idea of this plan and will resist it if they know that the 5G is being deployed. This is where the CORONA virus pandemic comes into the matrix.

They used their media, many governments which they installed and the WHO which is under their pockets to blow the pandemic out of proportion and literally forced everyone indoors out of induced fear.

So while people were indoors, they were outdoors rolling out and installing the 5G masts.

By the time the people will emerge from their forced quarantine, the 5G network would have become operational. It has even been test run in three major cities in Nigeria and other parts of the world. After the roll out, it will be time to implant the microchips in people and that is where the CORONA meets the 5G.

To get people to take the microchips, they will offer the cure for the virus through a vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccine are financed by Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

They will hype the death toll of the pandemic in many nations and sacrifice many people. Any alternative cure will be downplayed and even discountenanced as dangerous. The quarantine period will be extended over and over again and people will literally run mad. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die.

When they have achieved the level of fear they want coupled with the uncertainty and misery of quarantine, people will be willing to take the chip which will be made a condition for receiving the vaccine.

Tired and defeated, people will jump in for the chips. They will ask and beg for it as long as it will come with the vaccine to end the nightmare. The chips ( they will tell you) will be used to track who has taken the vaccine and is therefore clean and free to come out without infecting people. Those who have not taken the vaccine and the chip will be forcefully confined indoors in an indefinite quarantine. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die, don’t ask me why.

To drive it home, banks will upgrade from credit cards and debit cards to microchips and with time, the cards will be phased out. You cannot access a banking hall or withdraw your money unless you upgrade from the card to the chip. You may not even be able to buy food, pay for utilities or your children’s school fees. You cannot access your salary from your bank.
The lockdown is a psychological conditioning strategy to wear out resistance. When you are tired of staying indoors indefinitely and have run out of food and provisions while others have taken the vaccine and the chip and resumed normal life, you will give in.

The problem is that people are not connecting the dots. Educated people are saying…how can 5G produce viruses and how can a vaccine solidify and become a microchip? Well, you can figure it out for yourself. It is happening now, right under your nose. Greetings!

By Amechi Beluolisa

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