Due to the viral pandemic disturbing the world and lots of people talking about it especially Nigerians who are in panic considering the facts either it’s end of the world.

Could all happening now in month of March 2020 be the sign of end of the world?

Nobody knows

In a viral post circulating the internet which nobody is sure of is the resumption date of wokers, students who are on indefinite holiday.

It is circulating that the federal government releases date of may 4,2020 for all to resume.

Is that the actual date,who knows?.

According to the communique on Thursday,Echono who gave the order on behalf of the education minister,Adamu Adamu,also noted that all 104 unity schools in the country should close on or before the 26 of March,2020 as a proactive step aimed at preventing the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

The deputy governor of Lagos State,Obafemi Hamazat using the official handle, tweeted, while our wards stay at home and observe social distancing,the state minister of Education in partnership with radio and TV broadcasters has made provision for tutorial sessions in line with ensuring our current set of SS3 pupils excel at their federal exams.

And the covid-19 break shall last for at least a month.

So with this developments students and pupils are advised to jettison unnecessary gathering for the time being.

Source: OperaNews

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