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Chinese Official Stops Nigerian Man From Shopping, Says “If You’re From Africa, You Can’t Go In” (Video)



Following the maltreatment of Africans in china, another video shows the moment a Nigerian who lived 20 years in China was barred from entering s shopping mall.

In the video, A chinese Female official told the Nigerian man that if he is from Africa he can’t go into the Mall that Africans are not allowed.

“If you are from African country, you can’t go in” she said

In reaction the Nigerian man explained to the Chinese official that he has lived 20 years trying to question the Chinese official who happens to be a Lady.

During their Agument, the Chinese Official could not give a specific reason why he was barred from entering the mall.

The Nigerian man can be heard speaking Chinese Language to make the Lady understand that he has lived long in the country.


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