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Breaking: Angry Kenyans chase away Chinese men for trying to Defraud them of their Gold mine (video)



Some Chinese men who landed in a remote community in Nairobi Kenya has been reportedly chased away from the community for trying to Defraud 10 Acres of Gold Mine.

In a video Monitored by Odinceblog, published by Africa Diaspora News channel. The Chinese men came into the Community and tried to defraud the community of 10 Acres of Land to Mine Gold. And was immediately Evicted from the Town by angry Residents after making payments and starting off mining.

An Africa Diaspora Newscaster, African Tigress who narrated the story said:

“A time comes in life when we have to stand on our own, a time comes when we have to stand for the helpless in our society and so glad that a number of Africans are actually waking up to this.

“An incident happened in Kenya, far off from Nairobi capital whereby the Chinese landed at the place and wanted to defraud the community of 10 good Acres of Land.

She added that the Chinese thought they can defraud the community because the Land is in a remote location so they can secretly mine the gold in it.

“The Chinese Landed and wanted to defraud the community of their Land, among some people they wanted to defraud are old widows and it is quite unfortunate.

She disclosed that the Chinese made a research and found out there is gold in the Land and they have to fly down to Kenya to buy the Land at a very cheap Price without letting the owners know there is Gold in it.

She added that while the Chinese were trying to mine the gold in the Land, angry Residents found out, attack them and chase them away from the community while the police watch.

In the Video, the Defrauded Family spokesman, John Riana, during an interview disclosed that the old women have already collected money for the Land before finding out it was a gold mine and they are doing everything possible to return the money because the Chinese company has already started mining the gold in it and they cannot allow it to happen.

A youth Leader, Clement Ayungo, added that their Government and chief of the community must explain if they are the one that gave the Chinese permission to mine on their Land without Letting them know that it was a gold mine.

In conclusion, African Tigress said “I have always believed that this is going to be that decade, a lot is going to change and this is the time that our African brothers and sisters everywhere in the world need to come together to infect this change. United we stand!


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