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REVELATION!!! If you’re From South South, South East, Then you’re Igbo, Don’t be deceived – Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri while accusing El-Rufai of hating the Igbos with Passion, says’ Anyone who is from south East, south south or Middle Belt is Igbo.


“Hatred for Igbos runs deep in the Elrufai family. if Nasir El-Rufai ever becomes President, what the Igbo are suffering under General Buhari will be child’s play. Under Buhari, at least it is 97% versus 5%. Under an El-Rufai, it will be 100% versus 0%!

“To all those who would like to rush to Elrufai’s defence when he and his family are being exposed as the Igbo hating horde that they are, I refer you to oby ezekwesili When they have finished using you, they will publicly expose you as a ‘beggar with receipt’!

“One of Elrufai’s Igbo acolytes tweeted that El-Rufai and family are not anti Igbo and that if El-Rufai comes to power, he will help Ndi’Igbo. I laughed! That ‘help’ will be like Chinese doctors who came to help Nigeria, only for Corona Virus deaths to increase!

“To those foolish enough to think the Igbo hatred of the El-Rufai clan does not concern them, because they are not Igbo, I have news for you: The fellow whose mother he threatened to gang rape is NOT Igbo. To them, anyone from the SE/SS and Middle Belt is Igbo!

“To any Igbo who, like obyezeks, is foolish enough to sabotage the aspirations of their geopolitical zone for characters like elrufai, I recommend Joe Igbokwe to you. After they have used you to rubbish your own people, they will give you SA on Gutter Matters!

“It is better to be an Ebitu Ukiwe, than a bootlicker like Oby Ezekwesili, Chibuike Ameachi, Joe Igbokwe, Osita Okechukwu and their ilk. Ebitu chose to step aside rather than take **** from Abacha! It is better to fall down like a man, than stand up as a slave!

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