[VIDEO] Fulani Killings: Ethnic and religious cleansing has to stop! – Fani-Kayode

Following the Fulani herdsmen killings in Nigeria and Southern Kaduna Precisely, Femi Fani Kayode has said that Fulani herdsmen kill more people in one week than Covid 19.

In a video published by Femi Fani-kayode, said the ethnic and religious cleansing has to stop!

He Said: “Am deeply disturbed by the post that i received this morning about what happened in Kajuri Local Government area in Kaduna State last night, apparently, the whole community was attacked while Fulani has an over 17 innocent and defenseless women and children while slaughter in their homes, their homes were burnt and there were pictures sent to me. The leaders of that community called me and it as from outside that community in kaduna state. This is happening in the time were we are in Covid-19 post lockdown issues in our country.

He said that he has been told it happens regularly over two months even though curfews were been imposed everywhere, “it is unaccepted, it is barbaric, it is evil, slaughtering and butchering human beings in the name of religion and ethnicity is unaccepted in any civilised society.

“I call on the Kaduna state government, the governor of Kaduna State, i call upon the president of this country and his team to do something about this, to stop this killings and to protect the lives and properties of our christian brothers and country all over the country and indeed to protect the lives of Muslims as well.He added that , if this doesn’t stop, it will only escalate”.

“What we mustn’t allow is to go into a fratricidal brutally type of situation where brother is killing brother in the name of ethnicity in our country, Kaduna state or anywhere. We want peace in our country particularly in a time like this where the future is so uncertain, so many people’s lives are been destroyed, so many people are falling ill, so many people are dying from the steady disease.

“This is a time for peace and unity, we should have the courage to come together and say enough is enough, join hands with the authorities, join hands with everybody in this country to put a stop to this madness”.

“Fulani herdsmen kill more people in ONE WEEK in Nigeria than Covid 19 has done in 2 months. The FG has a duty & obligation to fight these barbaric & primitive mass murderers & terrorists who slaughter innocent & defenseless women & children as hard as they are fighting Covid 19.

Finally, he sent his commemorations to the families of the victims and all those that have been slaughter, He made an appeal to the governor of kaduna state and to all leaders in the north to ensure that the butchering stops before it gets out of hand.