South East Govs Should Send Back Almajirai Imported To East — Ezeife

A former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife has tasked South East governors to do everything within their reach to ensure that the Almajirai that were taken to the area especially to the South East are sent back.

The former governor said that the Almajirai posed great risk to the South East and might not find it easy to survive and could die of starvation as they do not have any known trade or business to sustain themselves.

He wondered how they managed to enter the South East when there was lockdown and closure of boundaries by many state government.

Speaking exclusively to Vanguard in Abuja, Dr. Ezeife said: “We have closure of state boundaries, meaning that nobody can go from another state to another. We also have curfew meaning that traveling by night is out of the question, yet people are moving in thousands.

“I think it is condemnable. Now I have sympathy for the Almajirai and the youths but they are not responsible for what they are doing, they didn’t hire any vehicle, some people are organizing them and sending them to the South.

“This comprehensive corruption that enables people to move to anywhere. No matter the curfew, no matter the blockade, it is very dangerous. Well, let me tell you what I feel. Jesus Christ said we should love our neighbours as our ourselves.

“ I should ordinarily love the almajirai if they become my neighbors, but some people were responsible for producing them. Those people who gave no education, no training, nothing to survive with to human beings who they call almajirai should take responsibility and keep the them where they grew up and pay the price for making human beings useless.”

“Almajirai are among the problems of Nigeria, talakawas are among the problems of Nigeria, me I am among the problem of Nigeria, Fulanis are among the problems of Nigeria, somehow peace will reign and the country will continue to be one but if instead of peace reigning and we cannot be one, we can go our different ways so that Biafra people should go away, Oodua people should go away, anybody who wants to go away can go away but it should be done peacefully.”