Group threatens To Set Nigeria On Fire If Any Community Is Attacked By Fulani In S’East

A socio-political youth group from southeast and south-south, the Indigenous Youth Forum (IYF), has expressed concern about the influx of Almajirai and other youth from the north to the southeast and south-south despite ban on interstate movement.

The group threatened that any attack on communities in the east by the invaders from north would provoke a war in Nigeria.

In a statement signed by IYF spokesperson, Bariledum Joseph, on Friday, the group criticized leaders from the eastern region who said they do not understand that the influx of youth from the north to the region, is for what they described as “Final battle for total conquest (Jihad)”.


We the Indigenous Youth Forum (IYF) have watched with great amazement, the unquantifiable influx of Northern Jihadists, ISIS, Boko Haram into eastern Nigeria.

Without any doubt, we know this is the final battle for total conquest (Jihad) to deep the Qur’an into the Atlantic Ocean, as was commanded them by their great grandfather Utman Dafodio.

However, it is regretable that many citizens of Eastern Nigeria, including the political class seem not to understand the devilish agenda behind this moves and what is to come.

But we the Indigenous Youth Forum is sending this warning to all that is involved in this plans against the East, to return to wherever they are coming from, because should one village be attacked anywhere in the East, Nigeria will go up in flames including Aso Rock.

This is not 1967, and nobody has the monopoly of violence, the right to defend our lives is inalienable.

“A word is enough for the wise”

Bariledum Joseph, IYF Spokesperson.

Written by Chuks

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