Nigerian Police brutalized Man at the Bank for protesting against a chinese who override them and took over their chances in a queue

A Nigerian man known as a Pharmacist was reportedly brutalized by police officers who work in the Bank because they protested against a Chinese man who stormed the bank and override the masses standing in the queue at Ogui Road, Enugu.

This was revealed by a Facebook user, Victor Russell who shared the ordeal on his page.

Story Reads:

“The man whose photograph below (a pharmacist) was today brutalised by a Nigerian police personnel in a bank at Ogui Road Enugu for insisting that a Chinese who came to the bank with police escort should cue up on line.
Customers who were early in the bank with numbers issued to them were protesting why the security personnel at the bank should allow the Chinese access ahead of them, citing cases of maltreatment of Nigerians in China. Suddenly the policeman attached to the bank asked his colleague not to listen to the bloody civilians and take the Chinese with him inside the bank. The man told the police officer the Chinese can’t do this for a blackman including himself (policeman) in their country,. The policeman said to the man that he has no right to question his authority and hit him on the left side of his face. Immediately the policeman left and went into the duty room.

“Why is Nigerian security personnel giving precedence to expatriates to the fellow citizens.

“Hope this man gets justice”.