Tension In Enugu as Northerner Caught selling acidic substance for people to drink as Medicine (video)

A video shared online shows the Moment a Northern Nigerian Man was purportedly caught selling Acidic Substance for people to drink in the name of herbal medicine in Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria.

According to the reports, The Northerner had sold some of the acidic substance to few villagers which resulted to stomach pain before he was apprehended by the youths.

In the video, the youths tried to force him to drink from the Substance but later stopped him knowing it could cause harm to his health.

The youths did some experiment with the fake herbal medicine by pouring it on a take-away food pack, and it melted to show that the Fake herbal Medicine contains and Poisonous acid.

A social media user Identified as Somto Okonkwo who shared the video wrote:

“He Was Caught Selling This For People To Drink. Apparently, Someone Bought It And Drank After Which He Complained Of Stomach Pains And Rised Alarm. So They Went After The Aboki That Sold It To Him. This Happened In Nsukka, Enugu State.

Written by Chuks

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