Fulani Herdsmen Will be flushed out of Biafra Land – Nnamdi Kanu Declares

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra has released a video of some group of villagers rejoicing.

Kanu said that the Jubilation was as a result of victory over Fulani Herdsmen in a Community, Nkaleke in Igbeagu Izzi, Local Government Area Of Ebonyi. WATCH VIDEO HERE

In a statement personally signed by IPOB Leader, revealed that the village has been under seige for over 15 years.

Kanu however, acknowledged IPOB volunteers who has been on ground to make sure the killer Herdsmen are completely defeated in the community and as well promised to flush out the Invaders from all part of Igbo land and South.

Speaking further, Nnamdi Kanu said; “I don’t make this post, Biafrans all over the world would never appreciate the enormity of human and material sacrifice IPOB is making to liberate every inch of Biafraland under occupation by Fulani Janjaweed terrorists supported by Nigerian Army and in some cases since 2005.

“The attached video is a celebration of freedom for these Ebonyi communities because for the first time in 15 years our mothers can now go back to our farms without the threat of rape and decapitation from Fulani terrorists.

“It is worth noting that Fulani Janjaweed advance party of Jihadists arrived in Igbeagu Izzi LGA since 2005 to secure our land for this new wave of Janjaweed arrivals we have all been witnessing recently. Since then they have been killing, raping and cultivating our land. It wasn’t until the new influx started arriving that we decided that enough is enough.

“Every Fulani Janjaweed and Miyetti Allah terrorist in our forests and farms will be flushed out.”