“Some People Have Made It Their Business To Corrupt Others”– Rawlings

The first President of the fourth republic, has lashed out at Ghanaians who are immuned to corruption and has urged them to refresh their minds and do things that will ensure the success and progress of the country.

According to him, instead of learning useful lessons from Ghana’s not-too-distant past some have made it their business to corrupt others to distort and wipe out the country’s history.

Speaking at a virtual address to mark the June 4th uprising in 1979, President Rawlings ‘’Instead of learning useful lessons from our not-too-distant past here in Ghana, some have made it their business to corrupt others to distort and wipe out our history. These people with selfish, myopic and wicked motives have consistently re-presented a one-sided story of a history that should serve as a guide for the future and ensure that we do not make the same mistakes that led to the eruptions of the past. Where have the distortions taken us? What has the failure to tell the truth done to us?

‘’Has it not brought us right back almost to where we started? We have rather belittled the national psyche. We could have been far richer, socially, culturally and economically, but for our negative desire to destroy the inspirational history that could have lifted us onto another pedestal.

‘’When people shamelessly attempt to erase the truth, because they lack scruples, it rather perpetuates a state of corruption that derails all we have achieved while glorifying exploitation, perversion, dishonesty, immorality and criminality. I have countless examples of the evil actions of some of our elite in perpetuating their own depraved reality. More painful is the fact that while we expect some of these historical distortions to come from our natural opponents, some within our own political culture decided it was time to join the bandwagon and re-write the history that birthed our political culture.

‘’Last year I spoke about how the intelligence machinery of the former Apartheid regime of South Africa used to pay treacherous characters in some of our countries. They served as spies and helped to spread malicious disinformation. Because the post-Apartheid leadership of South Africa has been silent about some of these traitors spread across the continent including Ghana, many of these characters are still doing some perfidious things.

”I urge the South Africans to expose these Apartheid collaborators, some of whom parade in their countries as patriots after performing some unconscionable and extremely repulsive acts,’’


Written by Chuks

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