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[PHOTO] Igbo Men Spotted Roasting Corn On The Street, Abroad – Paris



Igbo men spotted in Paris, France selling roasted corn on the street just for survival.

According to Chinasa Nworu who shared the picture, said that Igbo men who were spotted roasting corn can not do such in their own home but are in Abroad doing the business as a source of income.

Statement Reads:

“Some of our brothers cannot and will never do this work in their home countries but this is what many of them do in Paris, France as their sources of income.

“They’re ashamed to come back home because a lot of expectation from them ,some thought they have make it big and refused to help those at home.

“When you hear about Great Britain , there is nothing great about it , looking for greener pasture is something that cannot be describe because at one point in your life you start seeing reasons why you must not live abroad , that’s why Biafrans want to return back to the homeland”.

Can every other Nigerian do this while in search of greener pasture abraod?

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