SIM Card/NIN Linkage: NCC Speaks On Mass Disconnection Of Subscribers

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says the continuous linkage of SIM Registration Records with the National Identity Number (NIN) is to assist Nigerians.


In an assertion on Wednesday by the Director, Public Affairs, Ikechukwu Adinde, the commission added that the activity is to help the public authority in such imperative activities as public planning, strategy arranging, and social Intervention programs.

Adinde, notwithstanding, said phone supporters won’t be disengaged because of the continuous linkage of SIM Registration Records with NIN.


He noticed that the commission needed to give an assertion to counter various distributions which made apprehensions that the progressing activity would prompt mass separation of phone endorsers.

Adinde asked the media to consistently attempt to look for explanation from the Commission prior to distributing or communicate any touchy issues.

The assertion peruses: “The consideration of NCC has been attracted to various distributions in both print and electronic media with respect to the unwarranted feelings of trepidation of mass detachment of phone endorsers because of the continuous linkage of SIM Registration Records with NIN.

“It is, along these lines, vital for the commission to give this explanation to relieve the feelings of dread of supporters and the overall population.

“The majority of these distributions depend on the mistaken suspicion that for each organization or SIM association, there is one interesting human supporter.

“Nonetheless, with the appearance of online media and App-driven computerized climate, network membership went past human endorsers of incorporate machines like PoS, Routers, Wi-Fi gadgets, power meters, CCTV, GPS beacons, and so on

“A new study led in Nigeria has indicated that all things considered, there are currently roughly four to five SIMs to each human endorser. This clarifies the premise of permitting the linkage of up to seven SIMs to extraordinary NIN in the as of late dispatched Federal Government Portal.

“Accordingly, if there are 43 million Nigerians with NINs, this could represent around 172 million SIMs previously connected to NINs.

“It is essential to accentuate that the current exercise of connecting NIN to SIM(s) is for the benefit of all, everything being equal, as it has broad advantages.

“Aside from upgrading our overall wellbeing, this will help in such essential activities like public planning, strategy arranging, social mediation programs, and some more.

“The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy has guaranteed that the public authority will keep on evaluating the activity in the light of encounters to guarantee its smooth usage.”