Nigeria: Eastern Security Network (ESN) Operations Rated High By Easterners

The security of the entire Eastern region during the last Christmas and New Year festivities, has been greatly commended for stoutly staying on the defence line via their activities. This vigilante security outfit was launched on the 12th of December 2020, by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The festive periods excitedly ended with the Easterners eulogizing the efforts put in place to contain and defeat insecurity in the region as the holidays lasted. The land has very recently, started enjoying relative peace and protection from the morbid activities of Fulani criminals and terrorists. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), has within a short period of existence, proven to be a very relevant need of the people.

It is no longer news that the Eastern political leaders have over the time, been callously watching as the people of the region were being hacked down to death, molested and abused by Fulani terrorist elements that infiltrated the states under the pretense of rearing cattle. They were compromisingly settled in our bushes/forests (colonies), from where they launched deadly attacks on our farmers unimaginably, with reckless abandon. Realistically speaking, the version of terrorism unleashed on Easterners assumed a sophiscated dimension, lending credence to the assumption that it was really Nigerian-state orchestrated.

This was further evidenced on how those at the corridors of power rallied support and even patronized the terrorists. There was blatant silence on the part of the government when series of complaints were lodged pertaining the activities of these terrorists. There were blatant cases of kidnaps, rapes, killings, roadblocks, extortions, accidents, oil tanker explosions, amongsts other introduced life-snuffing, life-threatening devices, frequently aimed at the innocent especially within the Eastern part of Nigeria. These antecedents usually form the misfortunes Easterners were unabatedly visited with during the festive seasons like the past ones which though turned out to be hitch-free.

Family Writers Press International based, on investigations, could report that sustainable peace and calmness have eventually returned to the East, courtesy of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

It is just not only ideal to have stop-on interviews with individuals that visited home for the Christmas/New year holidays within the Eastern part but also there were handful of opinions sampled from persons by Family Writers Press International online, to ascertain their security experience too amongst others from the same region during the festivities. Several overwhelming positive feedbacks were also obtained. Their responses were:

Written by Kalu James

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