Breaking as Twin sisters set to marry a man in 2021, checkout why they did so

Identical Nigerian twin sisters, reportedly got married to the same man because one can’t live without the other.

Photos which seems to be from the traditionally wedding of the two sisters and their husband has gone viral on social media causing lots of reaction.

The now viral photos captured the moment the man traditionally wedded both sisters.

According to, Nelson Obidon who shared the photos from the wedding on Twitter, the man allegedly married the twin sisters because they cant live without each other.

Nelson’s tweet reads, They are twin, he got married to them because one cannot live without the other. Yeh or nah?”

Another similar story relating to the bond between twins below;

In other news, a lady has sparked controversy on social media after she shared her incestuous love story with her twin brother.

According to her, she and her twin brother have shared deep connection from when they were born and realized that they were each other’s soulmate.

They fell helplessly in love with each other and decided to inform their parents about their feelings. However, their parents disowned them because they could not accept the bizarre circumstances.

They defied the odds and got married without any of their family members in attendance as their relationship was labelled a taboo.

In the video shared on social media, the lady revealed that she got pregnant at the age of 17 and their union is blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

What is the secret bond between twins that can push them to partake in such act.

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