Depression Comes From Thinking About What You Don’t Have — Yemi Alade

Singer Yemi Alade is coming through with the perfect Monday motivation for her fans and it is all about their mental health. The singer took to her Twitter page to speak on depression and mentioned that it comes from thinking about the many things we don’t have.

Yemi AladeYemi AladeYemi in her tweet shared that thinking about the many things you don’t have and the many evils in the world is a sure way to become depressed. She encouraged everyone to focus on what they have more rather than what they don’t have.

Mama Africa a few weeks back had told her fans to never let the internet rush them but embrace their journey as it comes. She further shared that no one is posting their failures, hurt for others to see. The singer today took to her Twitter page to encourage fans to take life one day at a time.

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