Eastern Security Network is an Illegal Clothing According to Southeast Experts

* Condemning Eagle’s attacks on soldiers and police in Orlu, Imo state, several expert groups in southeastern Nigeria argued that the eastern security net was an illegal discovery that should not be in the area. And Eagle, Imo’s private police officer working on behalf of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), advises experts not to punish the development.

The Professional Network in Nigeria and the Diaspora (CSEPNND) issued a statement urging the sons and daughters of the prominent Igbo to fight equipment designed by Nnamdi Kanu, the self-proclaimed leader of the Illegal Indigenous Biafra (IPOB). Professor Madumere Chika, signed by his national president, warned that groups like IPOB and ESN threaten opportunities in the southeast.

As a professional group, we condemn in its entirety the clash between our security operatives and elements of the illegal Eastern Security Network”, the group said in the statement.

“There are laid down procedures and processes for establishing a security outfit which, in our humble submission, were never met by this illegal group.

“Our investigation has revealed that men of the ESN carried out the provocative ambush attack with sophisticated weapons and other dangerous objects.

We hold that Nigeria is a democratic nation ruled by the Constitution, which regulates behaviour and conducts of persons and groups.

“It is a welcome development for complementary security outfit’s to be created, but such must pass the test of extant laws.

“While we are in total support of a regional security outfit owing to the current security failure of the government we must do that within the ambit of the law so that they are properly regulated to avoid criminal elements hijacking the outfit.


We are by this statement therefore, calling on Ndigbo both home and in the diaspora to cooperate with security agencies to fish out this criminals that masquerade as regional security men.

“Above all, we enjoin the military and security agencies involved in the operation to conduct themselves professionally and in line with their rules of engagement, as we assure them of our total support and cooperation in their task to rid the South East of anti-progressive elements.”

“We also urge the Governor of Southeast to consider installing local security equipment and civilian JTFs in Borno and Amotekun in the southwest to complement the security agency’s efforts.”

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