The governor of Ebony state, Eng. Dave UMAHI has stated that he won’t ban open grazing bill.

Speaking to news men in Abakiliki, Umahi stated that Nnamdi Kanu has no right to order them on what to do and moreover, he is not an elected official or a prime minister in South East.

He also advise Kanu to stop his actions against Fulani herdmen so as not cost igbos the chance to produce the next president.

According to Governor Umahi, ” I read the news that kanu gave Eastern Governors 14 days to ban open grazing.

What is he trying to achieve? He forget that since a fulani man is in power, there is no way you can go against his brothers and still expect him to give us power.

What Kanu should be talking about now is 2023 Igbo president not all these unnecessary dusts with herdsmen.

I will also advise Kanu not to allow his ignorance to cost Ndi Igbo the chance to produce the next president.

He is not a politician and have no idea how to play politics. He is not a political leader and have no power to advise us on what to do.

If he want to partake as a stake holder, let him pick his gubernatorial ticket in 2023 and contest as Abia governor.

We are not going to ban open grazing because the herdsmen have Rights to exist anywhere in Nigeria according to the Constitution, he said.

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