A former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Peter Umoh, has urged President Buhari to caution his kinsmen, Fulani herders who are responsible for perpetrating heinous crimes in the whole regions of Nigeria.

Umoh stated that although the Fulanis are the smallest ethnic group in the country, they also have their agenda.

He pointed out that Nigerians should not think herdsmen attack is only viable in the southwest because it will spread to other regions since they Fulanis are everywhere, calling on President Buhari to prove, in action, that he is not in support of his kinsmen’s atrocities.

Umoh stressed: “My analysis of the situation currently is that today, it is happening in the South West. Nobody knows when it will explode in the South East, South South or Middle Belt because the Fulanis are everywhere.”

“They may not be many but they have their own agenda. So, it is not a South West matter, it should be every Nigerian’s matter. My appeal is that Mr President should by action, show that he is not, as perceived by so many Nigerians that he is closing his eyes against what the Fulanis are doing to other fellow Nigerians.

“He should be able to caution his own kinsmen. And the proposed ranching system should not have been the way the President Buhari led administration had taken it; to grab land from various states, no because cattle rearing is business. Let the people who want to do the business buy land and then enclose it so that this normadism will stop.

“That is what the President should have done. And I plead not to try to impose it on each state by grabbing their lands. The President can encourage each state of the federation to establish its own ranch. I think this is one of the ways out of the farmers/ herders crisis in Nigeria”

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