It should be recalled that the southeast governors who had disagreed with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB later conceded to his appeal to ban open grazing in the Southeast region.

Subsequently, Kanu has made another appeal, imploring the southeast governors to use their Constitutional powers to position Eastern Security Network on “equal or level playing ground” with Hisbah Police in the north.

Kanu explained that only ESN has what it takes to checkmate killer herdsmen but needs the support of eastern governors to dutifully enforce the Anti-Grazing Laws, the same way Hisbah has been enforcing the Alcohol Prohibition Laws of core Arewa, Sharia states.

“It is now up to #ESN to rigorously enforce this law the same way Hisbah Police has been dutifully enforcing the Alcohol Prohibition Laws of 12 Sharia states of core Northern Nigeria, most notably in Kano.”Kanu said

He added, “It stands to reason that Governors of the East do not have any law enforcement unit capable of policing killer herdsmen except ESN. Therefore it will be in their best interest to support the efforts of ESN to ensure this very LAW they made is legally and robustly enforced.”

The IPOB leader seizes the opportunity to reinstate his warning that Fulani herdsmen who are out for genuine business in the eastern region should leave the bushes and forests and rent an accommodation in the nearest town as every other Nigerians do or face the wrath of ESN.

“The best option for Fulani killer herdsmen is for them to vacate the forests and bushes of the East, head into the nearest town to rent an accommodation as other ethnic groups are doing in Fulani controlled core Arewa north, or face the wrath of ESN. Any police or army unit daft enough to provide armed illegal protection to these Fulani killers with cattle, will regret the day he or she joined the z** security services.#ESNforever”.He stated

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