The Eastern Security Network, ESN has once again stormed another camp of Fulani Herdsmen in Ebonyi, destroyed every thing and chased them out the bush.

In a statement alongside the viral video, Kanu noted the ESN are protecting the land which Police failed do. He insisted if Fulani must remain in the region, they should get an apartment in the cities and township and live like every other persons.

Reacting to the destruction, Kanu wrote: “#ESN on the move in Ebonyi State. Another terrorist hideout destroyed despite the failed effort of the #Zoo Police to protect it.

“We are defending our land, anything or obstacle on our path will be obliterated. Say no to terrorism in our forests and bushes: say yes to peaceful coexistence in the townships.

“If you have not prayed for these brave men and women of #ESN keeping our land safe and secure, then you are not a child of God.
#esn4ever we move ✊❤.”

Recall, Nnamdi Kanu had earlier set up security outfit, ESN to secure the region against foreign terrorist who had successfully made their way into the country from accessing Southeast and South south.


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